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All Internet Deals


Best for connecting 1-2 devices at the same time.

For light internet use, if you're not looking for much speed and for singular device use.

Includes: A reliable connection for everyday Internet use.

  • Deal Price:$14.99/mon
  • Effective Price:$24.99/mon
  • Contract:None
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All Voice Deals


Unlimited nationwide calling.

NEW! Unlimited calling to Mexico. Plus Canada & Puerto Rico.

Unlimited calling from Mexico with access numbers.

Link your home phone service and up to two smartphones.

Over 20 premium calling features.

Keep your number for free.

Save an average of 39% over competing home phone plan prices offered by traditional phone and cable companies*.

  • Deal Price:$9.99/mon
  • Effective Price:$9.99/mon
  • Contract:12months
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All TV Deals


170+ Channels, including Spanish language networks.

FREE TV apps - Watch live TV and On Demand on any device.

Pause, play and rewind live TV.

No expensive equipment to buy or install on your home.

Digital Entertainment and Sports channels.

"For a limited time, we will buy out your existing contract up to $500!*"

  • Deal Price:$64.99/mon
  • Effective Price:$64.99/mon
  • Contract:None
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All Bundle Deals


Unlimited calling.

  • Deal Price:$54.98/mon
  • Effective Price:$54.98/mon
  • Contract:12months
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